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Title: Chinese church attenders – aspects of faith
Other Titles: NCLS Research Fact sheet-17013
Authors: Hoi Lam
Miriam Pepper
Keywords: church health;demographics;church vitality;australia;Chinese
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: NCLS Research
Citation: Lo, H.L. & Pepper, M. (2017) Chinese church attenders – aspects of faith, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 17013. Sydney: NCLS Research.
Abstract: The 2016 National Church Life Survey (NCLS) surveyed over 6,000 churchgoers with a Chinese background. This fact sheet analyses aspects of their faith. Three groups of Chinese migrants are compared: first generation migrants who were born in China/Hong Kong (1st Gen), second generation migrants (both parents born in China/Hong Kong) who speak a language other than English at home (2nd LOTE), and second generation migrants (both parents born in China/ Hong Kong) who speak only English at home (2nd Eng).
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