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Title: Giving Newcomers a Voice
Other Titles: Giving Newcomers a Voice
Authors: Ruth Powell
Keywords: church background;newcomers
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: NCLS Research
Citation: Powell, R. (2015) Giving Newcomers a Voice: What newcomers reveal about their experience of joining a church, in New Wineskins: Congregational Transformation in Australian Baptist Church Life. Eds. Cronshaw, D. & Jackson, D.  Sydney: NCLS Research.
Abstract: Through their own experiences, newcomers to church life can teach us about the process of discipleship. The National Church Life Survey gives a voice to thousands of people who have only started attending church in recent years. This chapter describes the demographic profile of newcomers and how they are spread across denominations. We learn about the significant people, activities and events that help them come to faith. We find out how and why they joined their church. Do they go church-shopping? What triggered their decision to attend? The basis for this study is the main 2011 National Church Life Survey results as well as a series of random sample polls of church attenders. By testing our assumptions against the evidence, we can evaluate our practices, and perhaps, make it easier for more newcomers to find their way into faith communities.
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