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dc.contributor.authorPhilip Hughes
dc.contributor.authorKeith Castle
dc.identifier.citationHughes, P. & Castle K. (2007) Building Stronger Communities, A Study Guide for Churches. Sydney, NSW: NCLS Research.
dc.description.abstractBased on Australian research, as well as years of practical experience by the authors in working with different types of communities, Building Stronger Communities, published in 2007, is a very readable book that examines in a lucid and practical way, means by which communities can be strengthened. The result of a partnership between Edith Cowan University and NCLS Research, this new resource is available with Study Guide.
dc.publisherNCLS Research
dc.subjectsocial capital
dc.titleBuilding Stronger Communities
dc.title.alternativePractical research & hands-on experience about how to strengthen communities.
dc.typeBook/book chapters
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