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Title: Support for People in Developing Countries by Australian Churches in 2011
Other Titles: NCLS Research Fact sheet-17005
Authors: Sam Sterland
Nicole Hancock
Keywords: finance;global;justice;mission;money;poverty;prayer;social views
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: NCLS Research
Citation: Sterland, S. & Hancock, N. (2017) Support for People in Developing Countries by Australian Churches in 2011, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 17005. Sydney: NCLS Research.
Abstract: This fact sheet examines the support of Australian churches for people in developing countries, through various means. There is a long tradition of churches supporting the work of 'service' and 'proclamation' in the local community, elsewhere in the country or overseas. Focusing on support in developing countries, what are the levels for different kinds of support, and how much does such support really amount to? Are there large differences between denominational groups?
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