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dc.contributor.authorMiriam Pepper-
dc.contributor.authorNicole Hancock-
dc.contributor.authorRuth Powell-
dc.contributor.authorSam Sterland-
dc.identifier.citationPowell, R., Pepper, M., Sterland, S., and Hancock, N. (2015). 2011 NCLS Local Church Activities Report: contributions to the community, NCLS Research Occasional Paper 26. Sydney: NCLS Research-
dc.description.abstractThis report describes activities of local churches in Australia, by using data from the 2011 National Church Life Survey (NCLS). First, the report documents the prevalence of various types of activities, including social services, as well as social, recreational, and educational activities. The focus then turns to ministries offered for specific people groups, including children and youth, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, migrants, people in developing countries and people with disabilities. Finally, there are results about local church activities that intersect with the wider community in other ways, such as environmental activities, sharing property with community groups, involvement in community events and the church’s role in local community wellbeing.-
dc.publisherNCLS Research-
dc.subjectOccasional Paper-
dc.title2011 NCLS Local Church Activities Report: Contributions to the Community-
dc.title.alternativeNCLS Research Occasional Paper-26-
dc.typeResearch Reports-
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