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Issue DateTitleAlternative titleAuthor(s)
Jan-2021Messy Church in Australia - Mapping the LandscapeResults from Messy Church Network 2018 Survey and the 2016 National Church Life Survey; Sam Sterland
20162016 NCLS Church Life Profile Anglican NATIONAustralian AttendersRuth Powell; Kathy Jacka; Nicole Hancock; Miriam Pepper; Sam Sterland
2013Comparing church and community: A demographic profileNCLS Research Occasional Paper-19Claudia Mollider; Ruth Powell; Miriam Pepper; Nicole Hancock
2013Senior local church leaders’ environmental views and actionsNCLS Research Occasional Paper-21Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2013Environmental activity in local churchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-20Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2013Mapping New Initiatives in Church LifeNCLS Research Occasional Paper-14Miriam Pepper; Nicole Hancock; Ruth Powell
2013Churches with a Vision for the FutureNCLS Research Occasional Paper-16Nicole Hancock; Ruth Powell; Sam Sterland
2013Environmental activities of Australian church attendersNCLS Research Occasional Paper-22Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2018Religion, spirituality and connections with churchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-36Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2018Senior Leaders in Local Churches: A Demographic Profile and Leadership SnapshotNCLS Research Occasional Paper-35Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell; Sam Sterland
2019Models of church vitality: A literature reviewNCLS Research Occasional Paper-39Ruth Powell; Miriam Pepper; Nicole Ward; Sam Sterland; Kathy Jacka
2018Faith and Finances: Practices and Attitudes in Australian ChurchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-37Carol Gan; Michelle Cartwright; Miriam Pepper; Paul Oslington; Nicole Hancock; Ruth Powell
2019Views and Experiences of Children in Baptist ChurchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-38Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2009Faith-sharing activities by Australian churchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-13Sam Sterland; Ruth Powell; Michael Pippett
2018Comparing Church and Community: a Demographic ProfileNCLS Research Occasional Paper-32Aaron McAleese; Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2018Social Service and Advocacy: Community Engagement by Local ChurchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-30Carol Gan; Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2018A generational profile of Australian Baptist church attendersNCLS Research Occasional Paper-34Ruth Powell
2018Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Relations in ChurchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-33Steve Bevis; Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2008Australian church health & generational differencesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-12Ruth Powell
2017Disability Inclusion, Care and Provision among Local Churches in AustraliaNCLS Research Occasional Paper-29Carol Gan; Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37