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Issue DateTitleAlternative titleAuthor(s)
2018Views on the role of churchesReligion and spirituality in Australia (2018 ACS)NCLS Research
2018Spiritualness of AustraliansReligion and spirituality in Australia (2018 ACS)NCLS Research
2018Comparing Church and Community: a Demographic ProfileNCLS Research Occasional Paper-32Aaron McAleese; Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2018Religion, spirituality and connections with churchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-36Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2018Senior Leaders in Local Churches: A Demographic Profile and Leadership SnapshotNCLS Research Occasional Paper-35Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell; Sam Sterland
2018Social Service and Advocacy: Community Engagement by Local ChurchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-30Carol Gan; Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2018A generational profile of Australian Baptist church attendersNCLS Research Occasional Paper-34Ruth Powell
2018Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Relations in ChurchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-33Steve Bevis; Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2018Faith and Finances: Practices and Attitudes in Australian ChurchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-37Carol Gan; Michelle Cartwright; Miriam Pepper; Paul Oslington; Nicole Hancock; Ruth Powell
2017Justice – A Christian Role in SocietyNCLS Research Fact sheet-17003Carol Gan; Miriam Pepper; Nicole Hancock; Ruth Powell
2017Support for People in Developing Countries by Australian Churches in 2016NCLS Research Fact sheet-17007Sam Sterland; Nicole Hancock
2017Support for People in Developing Countries by Australian Churches in 2011NCLS Research Fact sheet-17005Sam Sterland; Nicole Hancock
2017Church attenders and environmental responsibilityNCLS Research Fact sheet-17001Miriam Pepper; Nicole Hancock; Ruth Powell; Sam Sterland; Steve Bevis
2017Australian Church Attenders on Overseas Mission Trips 2015-2016NCLS Research Fact sheet-17010Sam Sterland; Nicole Hancock
2017Mission Trips Organised by Australian Churches 2015-2016NCLS Research Fact sheet-17008Sam Sterland; Nicole Hancock
2017Campaigning for global justice: attender attitudesNCLS Research Fact sheet-17004Carol Gan; Miriam Pepper; Nicole Hancock; Ruth Powell
2017Chinese church attenders – aspects of faithNCLS Research Fact sheet-17013Hoi Lam; Miriam Pepper
2017Church attender’s views about other religionsNCLS Research Fact sheet-17011Carol Gan; Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2017Demographics of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander churchgoersNCLS Research Fact sheet-17014Hoi Lam; Miriam Pepper
2017Chinese church attenders – a demographic profileNCLS Research Fact sheet-17012Hoi Lam; Miriam Pepper