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Issue DateTitleAlternative titleAuthor(s)
2006Enriching Church Life (1st Ed)Enriching Church Life (1st ed.)- A Practical Guide For Local ChurchesJohn Bellamy; Bryan Cussen; Sam Sterland; Ruth Powell; Peter Kaldor
2012Enriching Church Life (2nd ed.)Enriching Church Life (2nd ed.)Ruth Powell; John Bellamy; Sam Sterland; Kathy Jacka; Miriam Pepper; Michael Brady
2003Exploring wider community spiritualityInternational Society for the Sociology of Religion, TurinPeter Kaldor; KeithCastle; John Bellamy; Sam Sterland
2009Faith-sharing activities by Australian churchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-13Sam Sterland; Ruth Powell; Michael Pippett
2015Hours Worked by Australian Church WorkersNCLS Research Fact sheet-15003Sam Sterland
2006Inflow and Outflow Between Denominations: 1991 to 2001NCLS Research Occasional Paper-08Sam Sterland; Ruth Powell; Keith Castle
2014Integration - Personal foundation 4NCLS Research Fact sheet-14005Sam Sterland
2009Inviting People to ChurchNCLS Research Fact sheet-09003Michael Pippett; Ruth Powell; Sam Sterland
2014Local Church Engagement with Non-English Speaking ChurchesNCLS Research Fact sheet-14009Sam Sterland; Ruth Powell
Jan-2021Messy Church in Australia - Mapping the LandscapeResults from Messy Church Network 2018 Survey and the 2016 National Church Life Survey; Sam Sterland
2014Mission Trips organised by Australian ChurchesNCLS Research Fact sheet-14028Sam Sterland
2017Mission Trips Organised by Australian Churches 2010-2011NCLS Research Fact sheet-17006Sam Sterland; Nicole Hancock
2017Mission Trips Organised by Australian Churches 2015-2016NCLS Research Fact sheet-17008Sam Sterland; Nicole Hancock
2019Models of church vitality: A literature reviewNCLS Research Occasional Paper-39Ruth Powell; Miriam Pepper; Nicole Ward; Sam Sterland; Kathy Jacka
2013Problems facing Australia: church attender attitudesNCLS Research Fact sheet-13002Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell; Sam Sterland; Steve Bevis
2018Senior Leaders in Local Churches: A Demographic Profile and Leadership SnapshotNCLS Research Occasional Paper-35Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell; Sam Sterland
2014Sense of Self - Personal foundation 3NCLS Research Fact sheet-14004Sam Sterland
2014Spiritual Foundations - Personal foundation 1NCLS Research Fact sheet-14002Sam Sterland
2014Support for Overseas Workers by Australian Protestant ChurchesNCLS Research Fact sheet-14027Sam Sterland
2017Support for Overseas Workers by Australian Protestant Churches in 2016NCLS Research Fact sheet-17009Sam Sterland; Nicole Hancock