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Issue DateTitleAlternative titleAuthor(s)
2018Senior Leaders in Local Churches: A Demographic Profile and Leadership SnapshotNCLS Research Occasional Paper-35Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell; Sam Sterland
2013Senior local church leaders’ environmental views and actionsNCLS Research Occasional Paper-21Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
1997Shaping A FutureCharacteristics of Vital CongregationsPeter Kaldor; John Bellamy; Ruth Powell; Bronwyn Hughes; Keith Castle
2018Social Service and Advocacy: Community Engagement by Local ChurchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-30Carol Gan; Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
2009Social Trends in Australia and Implications for Church LifeNCLS Research Fact sheet-09004Natalie Swann; Ruth Powell
2010Something beyond this lifeNCLS Research Fact sheet-10001Ruth Powell; Kathy Jacka Kerr
2013Taxes versus government spending: Attender attitudesNCLS Research Fact sheet-13006Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell; Nicole Hancock; Steve Bevis
2007The Christian Faith in Rural AustraliaNCLS Research Occasional Paper-09Phillip Hughes; Ruth Powell; Sam Sterland
2015The intersection of global, local mission research: reflections on multicultural Australia from a third culture perspective, Plenary Conference PaperLausanne international Research Network (LIRN) Conference, NCLS Research, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaRuth Powell
2010The psychological type profile of lay church leaders in AustraliaSociety of Scientific Study of Religion, Baltimore, USARuth Powell
2010The Role of Innovation in Church Life and HealthNCLS Research Fact sheet-10007Ruth Powell; Sam Sterland
2013Trends in Protestant church vitality over twenty years (1991-2011)NCLS Research Occasional Paper-23Ruth Powell
2019Views and Experiences of Children in Baptist ChurchesNCLS Research Occasional Paper-38Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell
1995Views From The PewsViews From The PewsPeter Kaldor; Ruth Powell; John Bellamy; Keith Castle; Merilyn Correy; Sandra Moore
2013Voting patterns of church attendersNCLS Research Fact sheet-13007Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell; Nicole Hancock; Steve Bevis
2019Voting patterns of church attendersNCLS Research Fact sheet-19001Miriam Pepper; Steve Bevis; Rachel Fitzpatrick; Ruth Powell; Nicole Hancock; Angelyn Singh
2013Voting patterns of local church leadersNCLS Research Fact sheet-13008Miriam Pepper; Ruth Powell; Nicole Hancock
2010Why Innovation is Needed in Church LifeNCLS Research Fact sheet-10008Ruth Powell
1994Winds Of ChangeThe experience of church in a changing AustraliaPeter Kaldor; John Bellamy; Ruth Powell; Merilyn Correy; Keith Castle