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Issue DateTitleAlternative titleAuthor(s)
1999Build my ChurchTrends and possibilities for Australian churchesPeter Kaldor; John Bellamy; Ruth Powell; Keith Castle; Bronwyn Hughes
2001Burnout in Church LeadersThe book every church leader needs to readPeter Kaldor; Rod Bullpitt
2006Enriching Church Life (1st Ed)Enriching Church Life (1st ed.)- A Practical Guide For Local ChurchesJohn Bellamy; Bryan Cussen; Sam Sterland; Ruth Powell; Peter Kaldor
2003Exploring wider community spiritualityInternational Society for the Sociology of Religion, TurinPeter Kaldor; KeithCastle; John Bellamy; Sam Sterland
1997Initial Impressions: 1996 NCLSInitial Impressions: 1996 NCLSPeter Kaldor; Ruth Powell; John Bellamy; Bronwyn Hughes and Keith castle
2002Initial Impressions: 2001 NCLSPreliminary national results from the 2001 National Church Life SurveyJohn Bellamy; Peter Kaldor
2009Leadership Strengths of Senior Leaders in Australian ChurchesNCLS Research Fact sheet-09005Peter Kaldor; Ruth Powell
1995Mission Under The MicroscopeKeys to effective and sustainable missionPeter Kaldor; John Bellamy; Sandra Moore
1997Shaping A FutureCharacteristics of Vital CongregationsPeter Kaldor; John Bellamy; Ruth Powell; Bronwyn Hughes; Keith Castle
2010Spirit MattersSpirit Matters presents the results of unique research into how Australians make sense of life.Alan W. Black; Peter Kaldor; Philip Hughes
2004Spirituality and Wellbeing in AustraliaNCLS Research Occasional Paper-06Peter Kaldor; Philip Hughes; Keith Castle; John Bellamy
1999Taking Stock: A profile of Australian church attenders from the 1996 NCLSTaking Stock: A profile of Australian church attenders from the 1996 NCLSPeter Kaldor; Robert Dixon; Ruth Powell and the NCLS team
1995Views From The PewsViews From The PewsPeter Kaldor; Ruth Powell; John Bellamy; Keith Castle; Merilyn Correy; Sandra Moore
2002Why People Don’t Go to ChurchThis book gives a unique perspective of the churches through the eyes of those who do not goJohn Bellamy; Alan Black; Keith Castle; Philip Hughes; Peter Kaldor
1994Winds Of ChangeThe experience of church in a changing AustraliaPeter Kaldor; John Bellamy; Ruth Powell; Merilyn Correy; Keith Castle