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Title: Campaigning for global justice: attender attitudes
Other Titles: NCLS Research Fact sheet-17004
Authors: Carol Gan
Miriam Pepper
Nicole Hancock
Ruth Powell
Keywords: campaigns;global;justice;mission;overseas;politics
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: NCLS Research
Citation: Pepper, M., Gan, C., Hancock, N. & Powell, R. (2017) Campaigning for global justice: attender attitudes, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 17004. Sydney: NCLS Research.
Abstract: Our world is increasingly connected. Globalisation, technology, and travel have brought about heightened awareness of how others live around the globe. Church attenders are part of this cultural shift. What are church attenders’ views concerning support for and participation in responses to global poverty? Should the church campaign for global justice?
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