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dc.contributor.authorIan Duncum
dc.contributor.authorMiriam Pepper
dc.contributor.authorNicole Hancock
dc.contributor.authorRuth Powell
dc.identifier.citationDuncum, I., Hancock, N., Pepper, M. & Powell, R. (2014) Church involvement in migrant ministry, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 14008.Sydney: NCLS Research.
dc.description.abstractChurches can potentially offer connection and a sense of belonging for migrants who may be feeling displaced, as well as practical and pastoral support in settling into a new country and local community. How are churches involved in ministry to migrants?
dc.publisherNCLS Research
dc.subjectchurch health
dc.titleChurch involvement in migrant ministry
dc.title.alternativeNCLS Research Fact sheet-14008
dc.typeFact sheets
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